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Jump Start Your Gluten Free Diet

  • Full color ebook written by the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center.
  • Understand the differences between celiac disease, intolerances and allergies.
  • Learn medical considerations such as symptoms, testing and diagnosis.
  • Identify gluten free grains, meal options and snacks for safe eating anytime.
  • Refer to gluten free ingredients, food lists and shopping ideas.
  • Cook delicious gluten free recipes and learn tips for social gatherings and travel.
  • Discover pioneering research initiatives and services offered by the Center.

The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center is dedicated to raising awareness, increasing diagnosis rates and meeting the needs of people affected by celiac disease nationwide through education, research and advocacy.

Celiac disease, spelled coeliac outside of North America, is an autoimmune disorder, which means the body attacks itself, rather than attacking a foreign substance as in an allergy. The medical treatment for celiac disease consists of strict adherence to a gluten-free diet.

Easy to follow recipes excerpted from the book - Simple, Delicious Solutions for Gluten-Free & Dairy Free Cooking by Sueson Vess from Special Eats. Restaurant and Travel advice excerpted from the Let's Eat Out Around the World Gluten Free and Allergy Free series by Kim Koeller from Gluten Free Passport.

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