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As Founder of Gluten and AllergyFree Passport, Kim Koeller is a sought after speaker and has worked on-site with clients in 13 countries while traveling almost 3 million miles around the world. After overcoming years of misdiagnosis, she also personally manages celiac disease and several food allergies including dairy, fish, shellfish and preservatives.

She is also an international business executive, former Accenture partner and the multi-award winning creator of the Let’s Eat Out Around the World series of books, ebooks, dining cards, travel kits and mobile applications. Trusted by customers in over 60 countries, this pioneering series is the winner of the Best Health Book of the Year Award and has won 20 quality and innovation awards.

With over 25 years of public speaking expertise at national and international conferences, Kim educates business executives and professionals on:

  • Catering to Restaurant and Hotel Guests with Special Diets

  • Food Allergies: Meeting Needs & Tapping Opportunities for Hospitality and Manufacturers

  • Creating Customer Food-Focused Mobile Apps and eBooks

As a thought leader in the global gluten free and food allergy community, Kim also educates children, teenagers and adults on:

  • Gluten Free 101 and Food Allergies 101

  • Travel the World Gluten and Allergy Free

  • Tools and Tips for Living Gluten Free and with Food Allergies

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Feedback from Previous Conferences

“You did an excellent job as our conference keynote speaker and one of the panel moderators during our Innovation Summit. It was great to see our executives, suppliers and manufacturers so engaged during the sessions. Thank you so very much!”

- Industry Publishing Multinational

“Your presentation was awesome and the attendees walked away with so much new knowledge. The feedback on your session from our attendees was also great. The survey results showed that you received close to 5 out of 5 quality ratings!”

- Hospitality Industry Event and Supplier Organization

“Thank you so very much for all that you did for us during your recent visit. Your class, presentation and interactions with the students were top-notch and a big hit!”

- Major US Research University

“I want to express my appreciation for your outstanding educational presentations to our conference participants. They love listening to your expert tips and advice about food and travel. As an FYI, you consistently receive some of the highest quality and evaluation marks of any of our presenters!”

- Major US Industry Conference Producer

“Excellent work on presenting at our conference this year and in years past. Our participants continually love your great sessions and information in addition to your passion, enthusiasm and knowledge. They are always amazed at what they don’t know!”

- European Media Company

“Thanks so much for your excellent presentation to the parents of our pediatric patients as well as our adult patients. You were instrumental in making this event a huge success!”

- Major Hospital & Healthcare Organization

“We appreciate your very helpful and educational presentations during our Annual Health Conference. Congrats as our attendees rated you 9.6 out of 10 which are exceptional scores from our tough audience!”

- Major Health & Research Organization

Radio Interview on Gluten and Allergy Free Travel

  • Kim Koeller Traveling The World With Coeliac / Celiac Disease & Food Allergies

Allergy Blog Awards UK

Prior Gluten Free and Food Allergy Speaking Engagements

Since 2005, Kim has been a guest speaker, panelist and panel moderator at celiac / coeliac, gluten free, food allergy, health and food industry related conferences across the globe in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and US including:

Gluten Free Speaking

In addition, below is a partial listing of Kim's other guest speaking engagements:

  • Allergy and Gluten Free Shows UK

  • AllergyExpo Canada

  • Allergy New Zealand National Conference

  • Autism One Radio Show

  • Canadian Celiac National Conference

  • Celiac Kids Seminar

  • Celiac Disease Foundation Annual Conference

  • Celiac Sprue Association Annual Conference

  • Celiac Sprue Teenagers Educational Summit

  • Chesapeake Health Fair

  • Chicago Metro Celiacs

  • Christchurch New Zealand Radio Show

  • Coeliac New Zealand Association

  • Coeliac UK Sessions

  • Corporate Health and Wellness Initiatives

  • Dallas Celiac Support Group

  • Food Allergy Initiative

  • Food Product Manufacturing Sessions

  • Gluten Intolerance Group Conferences

  • Gluten Free Cooking Expos


  • Gluten-Free Food and Allergy Shows- Australia

  • Gluten-Free Expo—Coeliac Australia

  • Gulf Coast Celiac Support Group

  • Hospitality & Resort Operator Seminars

  • Houston Celiac Support Groups

  • Kendall College Cooking School

  • London Allergy Free Show

  • Moms of Children with Food Allergies

  • Natural Food Products Industry Conference

  • Nourished Food Bloggers Conference

  • Parents of Allergic Kids Group

  • Parents of Children with Allergies

  • Pfieffer Treatment Center

  • Purdue University Nutrition Sciences

  • Restaurant Operator Seminars

  • Stanford Medical Celiac Conferences

  • Thrive Gluten Free and Allergy Expo

  • Univ. of Chicago Celiac Disease Center

  • Westchester, NY Celiac Conference

  • Whole Foods Special Diets Fairs

Kim Koeller and Jen Cafferty - GFAF Expos

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