Multi-Award Winning Series with 20 Quality Innovation Awards

Since 2006, we have been honored to receive 20 quality innovation awards from key industry organizations for our Let's Eat Out series of language translation guides, cards, books and mobile apps including:

  • Best Food Allergy App (3 industry competitions)

  • Best Health Book of the Year (3 industry competitions)

  • Best Travel Guide (2 industry competitions)

  • Best Language Guide and Best Health & Diet Book

  • Best App for Food Education and Restaurant Foods

  • Best App for Food & Cooking

  • Quality, Excellence and Design for eBooks (QED)

  • eBook Publishing Innovation Award

  • Best Healthy Eating & Cooking Book

  • Best Non-Fiction and Best Classic Reference

  • Best Health, Wellness & Nutrition Book

  • Best First Book Non-Fiction

International Market Recognition Since 2005

Our award-winning Let's Eat Out Around the World Gluten and Allergy Free series and global advocacy efforts have been recognized by over 300 publications across the globe. Kim Koeller and the team at GlutenFree Passport have also been empowering people to manage gluten free, allergy free and healthy lifestyles in over 60 countries since 2005.

Featured in Food and Travel Articles by Global Press

Food and Drink
The Big Seven Tips for Food Service

Allergy New Zealand
The GlutenFree and AllergyFree Passport Story

USA Today
Global Gluten and Allergy Free Travel Tips

US Airways Magazine
Travel Aids - No Worries

National Geographic
Traveling with Food Allergies

Food Service Magazine
Working Around Allergies

Allergic Living
Safely Travel Gluten Free & with Food Allergies

Suitcases and Strollers
Eating and Traveling with Allergies & Dietary Needs
Food Allergy & Gluten Free Expert Advice

Library Journal logo
Foreword Magazine
Publishing Industry Feedback

R&ITodays Dietitian
Restaurant & Medical Feedback

Living Without copySpecialty Coffee Retailer
Food & Travel Feedback

Recognized by Support Associations and Press Worldwide

Food Allergy & Celiac Associations

  • Action Against Allergy - UK

  • Allergy and Asthma Information Association

  • AllergyKids

  • Allergy New Zealand

  • American Celiac Disease

  • Alliance Anaphylaxis Australia

  • Canadian Celiac Association

  • Celiac Disease Foundation

  • Celiac Sprue Association

  • Coeliac New Zealand

  • Coeliac UK

  • Dairy-Free UK

  • European Federation of Allergy & Diseases

  • Food Allergy Research & Education

  • Gluten Intolerance Group

  • Gulf Coast Celiacs and GIG

  • Healthy Villi

  • Houston Celiac Support Group

  • Kids with Food Allergies

  • National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

  • Parents of Kids with Food Allergies

Research and Healthcare Organizations

  • Boston Children's Hospital Celiac Support Group

  • Columbia University Celiac Disease Center

  • Columbus Children's Hospital Celiac Program

  • Hospital for Sick Kids – Canada

  • Massachusetts General Hospital

  • Pfeiffer Treatment Center

  • Stanford University

  • University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center

Culinary Organizations / Magazines

  • College Services Magazine

  • Culinary Institute of America

  • Cooking Light

  • Culinary Trends

  • Delicious Living

  • Elite Wine Food Travel

  • Food & Drink Magazine

  • Foods Matter – UK

  • Gluten Free Classes


  • Kendall Cooking School

  • Martha Stewart Living Radio

  • Meatingplace

  • On The Menu

  • Personal Chef

  • QSR Magazine

  • Restaurants & Institutions

Health & News Magazines, TV and Radio

  • All About Kids

  • Allergic Living Magazine

  • Allergy & Asthma Today

  • ASBL Prevention Allergies - Belgium

  • Autism One

  • Boston Globe

  • Canadian Health & Lifestyle

  • Canadian Living

  • CBN TV

  • Christchurch New Zealand Plains FM Radio

  • Diabetic Living

  • Dietitians of Canada

  • Edmonton’s Child

  • Good Morning Arizona

  • Health Styles Radio

  • Living Without Magazine

  • NBC TV

  • New York Times

  • Nutrition Reporter

  • Organic & Wellness News

  • Parent Life

  • Parenting New Hampshire

  • Radio New Zealand

  • Real Simple

  • Scholastic Parent & Child

  • Today's Dietitian Magazine

  • USA Today

  • Washington Times

  • Washington Parent

  • Whole Life Times

Travel Organizations / Magazines

  • AAA

  • Canadian Auto Association

  • Canadian Travel Press

  • Car & Travel

  • Dream of Italy

  • Endless Vacations

  • Globe & Mail

  • Hotels Magazine

  • National Geographic Traveler

  • Organic Spa

  • Travel & Leisure

  • Travel Weekly

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