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As the award-winning author of the Let's Eat Out! series and authoritative expert on gluten and allergy free lifestyles, Kim Koeller has been sharing her tips, knowledge and lessons learned with individuals and businesses worldwide through personal and executive coaching sessions since 2006.

A world traveler flying over 2.5 million miles, Kim has been 100% gluten and allergy free since 2002 due to celiac disease and multiple food allergies after 9 years of misdiagnosis. In addition, as Founder of Gluten Free Passport, her advice has appeared worldwide on television and in print including National Geographic Traveler, NBC, USA Today, Hotels Magazine, Food & Drink and Allergy New Zealand to name a few.

Sample Coaching Discussion Topics

Based on Kim's areas of expertise, she offers real world advice and a proven approach to gluten and allergy free needs on topics including (but not limited to):

  • How to Live Gluten Free and/or Allergy Free

  • Safe Eating Out in Restaurants

  • Gluten Free and/or Allergy Free Around the World

  • Technologies for Gluten Free and Allergy Free Lifestyles

How to Live Gluten Free and/or Allergy Free

  • Gluten Free 101 - Jump start your and /or your family's gluten free diet from ingredients, food labels and product recommendations for shopping, cooking and living

  • Food Allergies 101 - Explore the top allergens, where they may be hidden and how to ensure that meals inside and outside the home are safe to eat

  • Communicating Your Special Diet Needs - Discover new ways to effectively express your food concerns at social gatherings, family outings, work, school and restaurants

Safe Eating in Restaurants

  • Safely Dine Away From Home Gluten Free and/or Allergy Free - Obtain advice about local dining based upon your special dietary needs including hidden allergens, ingredients, food preparation and dining suggestions

  • Tips and Tricks for Eating in French, Italian, Indian, Mexican and/ or Thai Restaurants - Arm yourself with knowledge of key ingredients, food preparation and culinary techniques to safely navigate menus and ethnic meals with confidence

Gluten Free and/or Allergy Free Around the World

  • Trip Planning Advice - Discover tips and tricks to plan trips, holidays and business travel based upon special dietary needs including airlines, hotels, cruises and more

  • Explore and Travel the World While Living Gluten Free and/or Allergy Free - Learn to order safe airline meals, pack on the go snacks, communicate your special dietary needs in foreign speaking countries and top travel destinations

Technologies for Gluten Free and Allergy Free Lifestyles

  • Leverage Technology to Live with Special Dietary Needs - Explore useful mobile apps and ebooks to have at your fingertips for safe food and travel

  • Travel Gluten Free and/or Allergy Free with Technology - Learn tips on traveling with your tablet and/or smartphone around the world with mobile apps, tools and directories

Ready to get started?

Kim coaches clients, nationally and internationally, via telephone and online video chat. Coaching sessions are available in 30, 60 or 90 minute increments and/or multi-session packages depending upon your needs.

Before each session, we ask that you email Kim at with a list of the primary concerns you would like to focus on during your session(s).

Kim will then review your list before the session(s) and use these items as the starting point for your discussion(s) to ensure that your questions are addressed.

Due to the increasing demands on Kim's time, her availability for consultations is increasingly limited and intermittent. All consultation dates are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

50% of payment is required to reserve time with Kim and the remaining 50% is due at the time of your session. You, as a client, must confirm your appointment by no later than forty-eight hours prior to the scheduled session. Failing to do so will result in forfeiture of the coaching session and all fee deposits paid.

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Sampling of Personal Coaching Testimonials

“Please know how amazingly valuable your advice has been for restaurant dining throughout France and Greece! Consider yourself to have batted a home run for us and you are making our summer travels into a wonderful and healthy adventure. Many thanks!”

- Janet D., living in Miami with a husband allergic to wheat

"Talking with you saved me so much time in trying to figure out how to eat and live with my food allergies. I tell everyone with food sensitivities that your coaching is a necessity. After our sessions, I had a peace of mind knowing that I now hold the keys to handling my new lifestyle!"

- Barbara G. living in New York with celiac disease and allergies to dairy and fish

“I thought your advice was fantastic and very comprehensive! I really enjoyed our sessions because they were in depth and extremely informative. I learned about so many foods that I had been afraid to try!”

- Laurie R., living in Singapore with allergies to corn, dairy, eggs, gluten, nuts, and soy

"Our coaching session was amazing! It was packed full of so much information. Thank you so very much and great job!!”

- Dawn W., living in Chicago, IL with allergies to corn, soy and wheat

"Talking with you over Skype was really helpful! I am finally able to go out with friends without feeling awkward at restaurants which as a teen is really important. Thank you so much for everything!"

- Annie W., college student from Florida with celiac disease and a dairy allergy

“I can’t tell you how excited I am after our session. As you know, I have a severe allergy to soy that I developed in my late 20’s. Since then, I've struggled when I travel overseas. I booked our sessions because I was going to Germany, France and the UK and was panicked about what to do with eating especially after my allergist prescribed more EPI pens for me just in case. Your coaching and information were so very helpful and gave me the confidence that I would likely have no issues eating out overseas and I did not. Again, I can’t tell you how excited I am by what you are doing and thank you.”

- Debbie P., living in San Diego with anaphylaxis to soy

“I’m so happy that I spoke to you! It is true that us Brits eat a lot of Indian food especially living so close to Birmingham, where we are told is where Chicken Tikki Masala originated. I think you got the recipes spot on, especially when you use proper English words like coriander instead of cilantro!!!”

- Margaret W., living in London, UK with an allergy to wheat

"I just want to say that I am greatly inspired by you. I truly believe you are doing something that saves people’s lives, not to mention return them to a quality of life they are surely longing for.”

- Janie G., a daughter, living in Toronto Canada with a father allergic to wheat

"Thank you so much for your guidance. You truly helped open the door for me to be able to eat in restaurants again. You gave me the confidence to make informed gluten free choices and now I feel that I can enjoy eating out! When I'm ready to travel again, you will be hearing from me again!"

- Michelle R. living in Austin, TX with gluten intolerance

"Thanks for making the lives of people with celiac disease a little easier. Our discussion was fantastic and just what I needed for my children.”

- Karen R., mother of 3 from Honolulu, Hawaii with 2 celiac children

“Once my oldest daughter was diagnosed with celiac, my wife and I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to let you know that after talking with you, you are improving the lifestyle for my daughter every day. I am sure when she eventually comes of age (a little too hard to comprehend at 3 years old), she will also appreciate the path that you helped plow for her!”

- John A., a father, living in San Francisco, CA with a daughter diagnosed with celiac disease

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