My team and I are thrilled to have been notified that our app iEatOut Gluten & Allergy Free was voted as one of the top food allergy apps by Healthline. This is one of our favorite apps because once you select your food allergen concerns to personalize your app, you see ethnic food ingredients and questions to ask for safe eating in restaurants close to home and around the world.

We are also very happy to see that our app shares this recognition and is a compliment to other excellent apps for safe gluten and allergy free eating including Find Me Gluten Free and Allergy Eats restaurant directories!

Receiving this honor brought back memories of finding out 15 years ago that I had celiac disease and food allergies. It also reminded me why and when we created the 1st gluten free and allergy free app available on the Apple app store in 2009 and then again the 1st iPad app after that. I just love innovation and creating 1st time solutions!

Anyway, when I received my diagnosis, I was a partner with Accenture and consulting with clients about emerging technologies and transformation projects across the globe. I still remember receiving that one page piece of paper from my doctor who said, now you must eat gluten free and you also have lots of allergies too. Wow!! What is gluten?? What can I eat? What can't I eat?? What do I do??

In order to figure out how to change my lifestyle and become healthy again, I researched anything and everything that I could find about gluten, allergies and food. Information about eating outside the home was practically non-existent. This was also the time in technology history, way before apps existed, that the first IPAC mobile phone was available on the market which stored Microsoft word and excel files.

So, my niece and I developed detailed spreadsheets identifying ingredients in various ethnic cuisines as well as lists of fast food chains and restaurants with potential foods to eat. I also designed electronic and pocket size paper materials with foreign language phrases to communicate overseas. What can I say - I'm a consultant!

I then downloaded all of these files on my IPAC mobile phone for easy access anywhere. It also gave me a comfort level, confidence and safety factor that I was prepared and could order / eat meals and not get sick wherever I was around the world.

All of this extensive research as well as lots of trial and error became the basis for writing our Let's Eat Out! series which is detailed more in my story (PDF download). In addition to empowering millions of people about food and travel, another main goal in designing our 1st edition book in 2005 was to ensure that the content was in succinct groupings and modular sections. That way, it could be available via mobile devices somehow and somewhere.

Needless to say, when the Apple app store opened, I couldn't wait to get our content in an app. It took our team six months to create and release iEatOut on the Apple app store based on our Let's Eat Out! book content which then received numerous app quality award.

Then we released our iCanEat Fast Food app which has since been recognized as one of the top 10 food apps by iPad apps for Dummies. We also helped to expand Find Me Gluten Free with thousands more restaurant listings from content provided in our previous apps about gluten free pizzerias, Disney World and Chicago restaurants.

So, after many years of hard work and dedication, our apps are trusted by customers in over 60 countries!

We hope our apps give you a piece of mind like they do for us!