Want to eat gluten and allergy free in London? Well, after receiving lots of requests for recommendations on how to eat safely with food allergies in London, I'd like to share some travel tips.

Based on working in London, having dear friends who live here and being a guest speaker at the Allergy and Free From Show at Olympia for 4 consecutive years, London is dear to my heart!

Coeliac UK is a great gluten free resource for eating in London and throughout the UK. Also, Anaphylaxis Campaign, Allergy UK and Action Against Allergy provide valuable information about living with food allergies.

You can find lots of gluten free and allergy free food options in local stores such as ASDA, Holland & Barrett, Marks & Spencer, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Waitrose. One of the food competitions that is always interesting to me is the FreeFrom Food Awards conducted by Foods Matter. Also check out some of the top single serve snacks and food products and manufacturers throughout the UK free from gluten and/or dairy, nuts and other allergens.

From a restaurant perspective, London has many amazing ethnic restaurants from French, Italian and Mediterranean to Argentinian, Thai and Asian cuisines. The UK even has the 2nd highest number of Indian restaurants outside of India!

Here is a list of the best gluten free breakfasts and brunches in London:

Also check out numerous food chains with gluten free menus including: La Tasca, Prezzo, ASK Italian, PizzaExpress, Frankie & Benny, LEGGERO and Le Bistrot Pierre to name a few.

Rosso Pomodoro even offers gluten free tiramisu and pizza! The Glutafin restaurant finder has over 1,000 locations as well as a number of restaurants featured in articles such as the Telegraph UK and on our gluten free bakeries and restaurants in Europe website page.

To help you avoid gluten and wheat hidden in ethnic restaurant meals in those restaurants without gluten free menus, use the gluten free dining guides from our Let's Eat Out series of books and digital media including: Gluten and Wheat Free Toolbox, Gluten Free in Indian Restaurants, Gluten Free English Translation Card and the Apple mobile app iEatOut.

To order meals without common food allergens, check out: Allergy Free Dining in French Restaurants, Allergy Free English Translation Card, Milk Free English Translation Card and the Apple mobile app iEatOut.

Note: the Apple iEat Out Gluten Free and Allergy Free App which helps you navigate ethnic restaurant menus works 100% offline around the world. So you can access the expert dining advice on the app while your phone is in airplane mode without incurring any international roaming charges!

Be sure to have a pint of gluten free beer in one of the London pubs too if you have the time!

For hotels, I recommend that you notify the hotel in advance that you are managing a gluten free diet or food allergies. I have had a number of the boutique hotels and B&B's actually go to the store and stock gluten and dairy free breads for me to eat at breakfast during my stay!

Looking for a gluten free menu at Heathrow, find one at Giraffe restaurants and even buy gluten and allergy free snacks for your flight at Boots and other airport stores!

If you are visiting London and then traveling throughout Europe, check out our listing of more restaurants and bakeries in Europe. Also, take along our award-winning travel resources which help in foreign speaking countries including dining guides and travel translation cards / country travel bundles for your gluten free and food allergy needs.

Hope you have a fabulous time in London and let us know what you recommend!