At the airport and want to buy some quick gluten free and allergy friendly snacks for the flight, looking for a gluten free meal or just have time for gluten free fast food? Well, thankfully now, airports around the world are beginning to offer gluten free and allergy friendly snacks and food for travelers at food stands, quick service carry-outs and markets.

One of my favorites is Cibo Express Gourmet Markets which can be found at major airports across the US and Canada.

At Cibo, you can typically find an assortment of naturally gluten-free and allergy free foods including certified kosher foods. This quick service carry-out establishment is filled with healthy foods such as fresh fruit, freshly cut vegetables, hard-boiled eggs and salads. They are also now carrying gluten free and allergy free treats such as brownies, cookies and candy as well.

While there are many allergy-friendly options available at Cibo Express and similar markets around the US and the world like Boots at the London Heathrow International Airport, you still need to be sure to read all the product labels of items you are interested in before making your purchase.

Also we are now seeing more and more fresh food stands offering gluten free items for sale. I will always remember how absolutely thrilled I was when I found gluten free and dairy free muffins at the food stand in the 3-gate terminal in Rotorua New Zealand. It just made my day!!

Also I love stopping by the Giraffe Restaurant in London's Heathrow Terminals as well as throughout the UK with their very clearly marked gluten free menus.

That being said, I always, always pack snacks with me before heading to the airport just in case I am not able to find any safe gluten free and allergy free snacks or if I don't want to take the time trying to find something that I can eat.

Another favorite gluten free fast food is Chipotle Mexican Grill for a number of reasons from an allergen perspective:

  • It is easy to navigate for a gluten free option. My favorite is the burrito bowl.

  • The only ingredients that contain dairy are the queso, cheese and sour cream.

  • They do not use eggs, mustard, sesame, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts or any other kind of nuts in their food.

  • Servers are willing to change their gloves when requested to avoid possible cross contact.

If I can't find a Cibo Express or Chipotle in the airport, then I use the iCanEat Fast Food Apple app to help me find gluten free fast food and allergy-free menu options from 45 U.S. fast food and quick service chains that are commonly located in airports.

Let me know some of your favorite places to eat and buy snacks in airports!