Let's Eat Out Around the World (PAPERBACK BOOK)

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Eat Out in Ethnic Restaurants With or Without Gluten Free Menus and Allergy Charts

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Packed with everything you need to know to prepare meals or navigate a menu in any eating establishment, this 4th edition easy-to-use resource helps you to:

  • Confidently avoid meals with gluten, wheat, corn, dairy, egg, fish, peanut, shellfish, soy, tree nuts and more in your neighborhood and across the globe
  • Discover hundreds of ethnic dishes across seven international cuisines including French, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Steak, Chinese, and Thai
  • Understand ingredients, food preparation, hidden allergens and cross-contact
  • Ask the right questions and order safe meals with or without gluten free menus and allergy charts
  • Plan trips, holidays, and business travel with detailed checklists for snacks, airlines, hotels and cruises

This multi-award winning Best Health Book of the Year is:

  • 4th edition 2014 full color paperback book with foreword by Dr. Alessio Fasano, Director, Center for Celiac Research, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Published by Demos Health
  • Based on 10-plus years of extensive global research and chef quality reviews
  • Includes FREE Shipping!

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