Award-Winning Apps for Fast Food and Ethnic Restaurant Meals

Healthline App Award 2015

"These two Apple apps make eating out with celiac & food allergies much easier!"
- Allergic Living Magazine

"Voted Best Food Allergy Apps for three consecutive years" - Healthline

Eat in fast food chains across the US and in any ethnic restaurant around the world with safe information at your fingertips.

Avoid gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, corn, fish and shellfish anywhere. Easily personalize the apps to your specific food needs without WiFi!

iCanEat Fast Food Gluten & AllergyFree


$4.99 USD

iEatOut Gluten & Allergy Free


$4.99 USD

OR Buy Both Apple Apps in a Bundle for Only $7.99 USD

These award-winning apps offer peace of mind with gluten free and allergy friendly meal choices from gluten free fast food menus and respective food allergy charts to ethnic restaurant menus. Transform eating out into safe & positive experiences anytime.

Read about Creator Kim Koeller's Personal Journey to Eat and Travel Anywhere!

Developed by Gluten and Allergy Free Passport, these apps represent a collaborative team effort and usability testing with international business  / technology consultants, restaurant industry professionals and individuals managing celiac / coeliac, food allergies and sensitivities with over 2 million miles of travel experience. These solutions have also been recognized by newspapers, magazines, radio and TV programs around the world.

Available through the Apple iTunes App Store
Trusted by Customers in over 60 Countries!

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