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Innovator in Local Dining and Global Travel

As Founder of GlutenFree Passport, Kim Koeller is a global business leader, sought-after educator, innovator and award-winning creator of the ground-breaking series, Let’s Eat Out Around the World Gluten Free and Allergy Free.

This market leading series now includes her 4th edition 2014 book, 4 additional paperback books, 13 ebooks and 10 mobile appsTrusted by customers in over 60 countries, the first–of-its-kind series is also the 2012 winner of the Best Health Book of the Year Award for Indie Publishers and has won 18 quality awards for 8 consecutive years.

After overcoming years of misdiagnosis, Kim has been 100% gluten and allergy free for over 10 years due to celiac disease and several food allergies including dairy, fish, shellfish and preservatives. She founded GlutenFree Passport to globally impact social change and improve quality of life through innovative resources, education and business consulting.

As an international business executive, Kim has traveled over 2 million miles around the world to six continents.  She is fluent in French, studied 4 other languages and has lived in 9 countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States.

The inspiration for Kim to author, develop and launch the pioneering Let’s Eat Out! series evolved from a number of factors including:

  • Her love of travel logging over 2 million miles and living on four continents
  • Her personal health considerations including celiac / coeliac disease, over a dozen allergies, 12 orthopedic surgeries, 4 stress fractures and years of misdiagnosis
  • Significant void in global market for dining & travel resources for special diets
  • Combination of her in-depth research, worldwide travel and consulting expertise coupled with her co-author Robert’s extensive culinary and food service background
  • Desire to help millions of people impacted by special diets and improve quality of life across the globe

With 20-plus years of public speaking experience, Kim is an internationally recognized keynote and guest speaker educating business and consumer audiences at conferences around the world from Australia to the European Union and North America. She trains and consults with food service, product and health professionals from restaurants, schools, universities and manufacturers about food management and special diet wellness. In addition, Kim is qualified and approved as the health and wellness guest lecturer aboard cruise ships around the world to empower guests about gluten and allergy free diets.

As an authoritative expert on food, travel and special diet lifestyles, her media interviews include NBC and ABC TV, Martha Stewart Living Radio, Radio New Zealand, National Geographic Traveler, USA Today and Hotels Magazine. Kim and her team created the award-winning Let’s Eat Out series, with the Multi-Lingual Phrase Passport, iEatOut mobile app and 25 more resources, which have been recognized by over 300 media outlets and endorsed by celiac and food allergy organizations around the world.

Prior to establishing GlutenFree Passport, Kim was a partner with Accenture, the world’s leading management consulting firm. Specializing in customer innovation and emerging technologies for over 17 years, she was a practice leader and responsible for consulting with cross-industry Fortune 500 multinational clients delivering market-leading transformational project results worldwide including 12 industry first solutions worldwide.

Leveraging her extensive expertise with Accenture and currently as a partner with Horizon Group, she now consults with start-ups to Fortune 100 companies to develop and implement strategic customer solutions.

Kim earned her Masters degree in International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Purdue University and the University of Strasbourg, France. She has been recognized as one of the top 50 Purdue alumni in the past 50 years and sits on the board of the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center. Kim also promotes global advocacy through her blog, YouTube channel and other social media.

Watch Kim on YouTube or Read about Where My Gluten Free Journey Began

Robert La France is a restaurant industry veteran and co-author of the multi-award winning series, Let’s Eat Out Around the World.With a passion for the culinary arts, Robert has spent over 18 years across all aspects of restaurant operations and has worked with Asian, European & North American cuisines.

His experience has ranged from single restaurants to large publicly traded companies with 100-plus locations responsible for training hundreds of personnel. His first hand experiences have afforded him the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of guest requirements, concerns of cross-contact and hidden allergens in food preparation. Robert graduated cum laude from Arizona State University, has traveled almost 1 million miles and is conversant in the German and French languages.

The GlutenFree and AllergyFree Passport Story

As Featured in Allergy Today – New Zealand

For many people in today’s fast paced world, social and even work lives are centered on eating out with partners, friends, colleagues and business contacts. Are food intolerances and allergies an impenetrable barrier cutting off from this primary source of social interaction? Do you have to stay home and miss out on this huge slice of life to stay safe?

This is what Kim Koeller and Robert La France wondered. We have their answer in their Let’s Eat Out! book series, which takes you through all the steps needed to eat out successfully and safely. They tell Allergy Today why they gave up corporate careers to do what they do.

Living an active life while managing food intolerances and allergies can be challenging, particularly when those allergies affect your career and your family. The everyday difficulties experienced both at home and in the outside world may seem overwhelming, particularly when allergies are first diagnosed. Although you have a fair amount of control over what you want at home, it’s another story once you venture outside your front door.

When Kim Koeller was diagnosed with food-related allergies as well as celiac / coeliac disease (an autoimmune disorder reflected in a life-long intolerance to gluten, the protein found in wheat, rye and barley), she wondered how she was going to be able to eat away from home. At the time, Kim was an international business consultant (with a Masters in International Management from Thunderbird) and a partner with Accenture, the world’s leading consultancy.

She had already flown over one million miles worldwide, eating 80 percent of her meals away from home in over 25 countries while working with clients across four continents. She was not willing to give up the travel and career she loved because of her diagnosis. So she needed to figure out how to safely eat gluten and allergy-free foods anywhere in the world, regardless of her location or destination.

To accomplish her goal, she conducted extensive research, scouring hundreds of websites, subscribing to all the allergy-related publications she could find and joining over 20 international allergy and coeliac associations. She also read numerous books and publications and hundreds of articles on allergies, auto-immune diseases and celiac / coeliac disease. However, she found that the focus of this literature was either on gluten and allergy-free cooking at home or providing background information about coping with allergies and gluten free diets. Only a very small percentage of the available material discussed eating in restaurants or traveling with gluten and other food concerns.

“I was very surprised to realize that books devoted to these topics had not been written. There was a significant void in the global market for products aimed at educating the 300-plus million individuals managing food allergies, celiac / coeliac disease and special diets on how to eat safely when away from home and while traveling!” So Kim started doing the market research and as the entrepreneur, established GlutenFree Passport and AllergyFree Passport. The mission is to shorten the learning curve associated with managing food allergies and celiac / coeliac disease for the millions of people affected by special diets; and to empower them to travel and explore the world.

As you can imagine, this was no small task and Kim decided that she needed help. Her good friend Robert La France, a restaurant industry veteran, turned out to have the ideal background to make her vision a reality. During his 14 years in the industry, Robert had worked extensively with Asian, European & North American cuisines.

The spectrum of his professional experience ranged from small single restaurant operations to large publicly traded companies with 100-plus locations. His experience across all aspects of restaurant operations had given him extensive insight into guest requirements, including the need for people with food allergies to be confident that their concerns about cross-contamination and hidden allergies in meals would be listened to and understood.

He had also devoted his spare time to his passion for the culinary arts. Independent study and many informal cooking sessions with professional chefs had given him a breadth and depth of understanding, as well as a practical working knowledge of most international cuisines. And Robert also had a personal understanding of the impact of living with food allergies. Not only as a restaurant professional had he witnesses the struggles and anxieties associated with dining out for people with food allergies, but he had also seen his brother struggle with gluten intolerance, and now his close friend Kim with celiac / coeliac disease, as well as other food allergies. So supporting family and friends and having compassion for restaurant clients with food allergies was an important part of his personal and professional life.

“For me, deciding to work with Kim was a ‘no-brainer’. Because of my background, I felt that I had a lot to offer. More importantly, I understood Kim’s vision from day one. It really made the perfect atmosphere for collaboration: Kim had the perspective of the business consultant and individual impacted with food allergies and celiac / coeliac and I had the restaurant perspective of serving guests with special dietary requirements.” The result was that Kim and Robert continued doing extensive research and began creating an approach to safely eating in ethnic restaurants based on ingredients, food preparation and culinary techniques. They then both changed their careers to devote 100 percent of their life energy to achieving their mission. The only question that remained was how!

They decided that based upon their 3-plus years of research that a book series would be the best way to share the knowledge base they had developed and to gain the interest of the global media, which would in turn broaden people’s awareness of food allergies and celiac / coeliac disease. Book proposals were sent out to major publishing houses and feedback was extremely positive; however, the publishing industry would take years to produce a finished product and would also allow them only minimal control over the marketing and design.

“Additionally, the marketing companies we met with wanted to position our concerns into this big cloud of fear and impending doom. That type of fear goes completely against our message of hope and empowerment through knowledge,” stated Robert. “I completely agree,” added Kim, “We want people to know that they can do it, all it takes is education, communication and preparation. Educate yourself on what you can and cannot eat. Communicate effectively with the restaurant staff so they can work in collaboration with you to manage your diet. Finally, you need to be prepared in the event that something goes wrong. In the case of anaphylaxis, you must always carry your adrenaline auto-injector and know how to use it. Following these key steps will alleviate most of the stress and anxiety associated with living with food allergies and celiac / coeliac disease.”

Getting the book series out quickly and controlling the way in which their message would be presented were the driving forces to start their next company, R & R Publishing, whose mission is to create pioneering media for people managing special diets. In 2005, after significant focus group testing, they released their 1st edition full color book: Let’s Eat Out! Your Passport to Living Gluten and Allergy Free. This was the world’s first book dedicated to eating “around the corner and around the world while managing 10 common food allergies”. They also released three paperback pocket-sized cuisine passports designed to be carried in a purse or jacket pocket. These included the American Steak & Seafood and Mexican Cuisine Passport, the Chinese, Indian and Thai Cuisine Passport and the French and Italian Cuisine Passport. A month later, the Let’s Eat Out! series was expanded by the release of the Multi-Lingual Phrase Passport, a language guide that provides over 1,200 phrases to help people communicate about their food allergies in French, German, Italian and Spanish.

While presenting at hundreds of conferences worldwide, Kim and Robert received tremendous positive feedback about the book series and its impact on special diet lifestyles. At the same time, individuals and businesses requested even more detailed information specific to eating out and traveling. After more years of extensive research and testing, subsequent editions were written and published including our most recent 4th edition, full color book Let’s Eat Out Around the World Gluten Free and Allergy Free. Then the team created numerous ebooks as well as Apple and Android mobile applications to provide individuals and businesses alike information instantly at their fingertips for dining and travel everywhere.

The Let’s Eat Out! series of books, ebooks and apps has received over 18 awards from various mobile, digital content and publishing industry organizations. Awards include 2012 Best Health Book of the Year, Best Healthy Eating, Best Health & Diet, Best Non-Fiction, Best Health & Wellness, Best Travel, Best First Non-Fiction & Best Classic Reference.

In addition, the Multi-Lingual Phrase Passport has also received Best Language and Best Travel Guide awards. The Let’s Eat Out! book series has been featured in hundreds of magazines, newspapers, radio and TV shows as well as endorsed by celiac / coeliac and food allergy associations across the globe.

So where do they go from here? “While we’ve achieved a great deal, our mission is far from being accomplished,” says Koeller. “We’re continuing our educational initiatives and consulting services to help the restaurant and hospitality industries worldwide develop a higher standard of service for those with food allergies and special diets. Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness of food allergies and celiac / coeliac disease around the world to a level where the lifestyle is universally understood and supported by businesses.”

Both Kim and Robert agree that living with special dietary requirements takes a bit of work but it doesn’t need you to sacrifice your quality of life. “With my diagnosis, I felt like I was holding a bag of lemons. Now that I’ve learned how to make lemonade I look younger, I feel better and the quality of my life has improved dramatically.”

Kim reflects, “When it comes to our work at GlutenFree Passport and AllergyFree Passport, the thoughts of Ralph Waldo Emerson sum it up best: ‘If I have helped just one person in exploring a new location, be it in the city or country side, within their own country and/or on foreign lands, I will feel as though I have succeeded.’”



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